What shall we do about our ever increasing population

Those who do consider population to be a key to the problem typically say little about which policies would spare the planet many more billions of people.

Its because if you analyse the data of current census our population halts at 1. By which we also can check its response. If I go to the temple I could not even pray for 5 minutes then what is the point to go to the temple by so many hours in standing in the long queue.

Something must be done before it is too late.

What shall we do about our Ever-Increasing Population?

Despite being the 2nd largest population in the world, we are still the 3rd largest powerful country in the world as per the recent data. Now their population density is more than India. And when its economy increases, more and more people become more rich and educated, then India will become a more economically developed country, and then its people will start to have less babies, as they will work more, then the population will decrease.

We should make use of each and every individual to improve our country's economy through which increasing population gets an advantageous issue to our country. Feb 25, Hello friends, increasing population of India is one of the major issue of our country. At a bit less than six tenths of an acre, global per capita cropland today is little more than half of what it was inand more than million people are hungry.

If we control our population. If we control our population. We should go in a groups to villages and organize awareness camps though which we can gradually reduce the population. Any changes we make today may not have a visible effect until a generation has passed!

What shall we do about our ever-increasing Population?

The positive impact of India is that they will get a bigger military and become the greatest country in the world. We control and modify the Earth more than any other species. The human race has an enormous impact on this planet! And join anti corruption campaigns. They need more education to eradicate this problem.

So education is the key to humane population reduction.The problem is that our rapidly increasing population is just putting more strain on the earth's resources than it can cope with. If everybody worldwide aspires to live even at the current living standard of the developed world, then we are already at a population beyond sustainability.

We Should Be Concerned About Population Growth. What. We should arrange education for them after that they will analyze the benefit of small family. India is a developing country not developed country.

For their development large population is really a big hurdle or obstacle. Mar 19,  · Best Answer: 1. abortion 2. use condoms 3. reward people who have less children 4.

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require some families to go to the military or farming 5. limit city population 6. move the capital to a less dense populated (like brazil) 7.

hire a thug 8. kill prisoners that's all i could think ofStatus: Resolved. What Shall We Do About Our Ever Increasing Population.

Population and Sustainability: Can We Avoid Limiting the Number of People?

Are we free to do what we want? Humans are species with highly developed brain, intelligence, wisdom, and self- awareness. We do also have a free will.

What shall we do about our Ever-Increasing Population?

Does it mean that we are free to do what we want? Does it give us ability and permission to act regardless of any other features? what shall we do about our ever-rising population? 2 Introduction According to currclickblog.com (), when population rise strikes a country for long, it leads to resource deployment, a factor that pulls down long-term economic development.

The topic is what shall we do about our ever increasing population. So I would first like to focus on some of the problem that arises due to the vast population.

Large population means large resource consumption, more illiteracy, more unemployment, more congestion, more diversity, and most importantly these factors will lead to higher .

What shall we do about our ever increasing population
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