The migrations of northern elephant seals

Conservation Hundred of thousands of northern elephant seals lived in the Pacific Ocean before hunters slaughtered them for their blubber, which was rendered into lamp oil. Smell The sense of smell can be defined as those sensations carried from nose to brain by the olfactory nerve.

These elephants likely grew smaller on islands due to a lack of large or viable predator populations and limited resources. Much was written about the speeds of cetaceans in the midth century.

The largest males, which may weigh as many as 5, pounds about 2, kg —several thousand pounds more than females—often swim the farthest. Kara Rogers - May 4, Each year the northern elephant seal migrates farther than any other mammal in the world, traveling as many as 13, miles about 21, km.

And they, along with juveniles who have made the trip north, also are the first to return to the rookery beaches in late April or early May, which marks the onset of their annual molt, when they shed their outer layer of skin and hair. Most of these are small, but amongst them are some of the largest cities of their time, especially Harappa and Mohenjo-daro.

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In the late 's, the gray whale breeding grounds were discovered, and whalers decimated the population. Since gray whales migrate relatively close to shore, whale watching for them has become very popular. Population estimates for California is about 84, northern elephant seals and 32, are estimated along Mexico based on data from They generally fast while on land, males up to 4 months and females up to 2 months.

Big Sur Coast - photo: Liquids are excreted in the urine. Some populations of these species, however, reside in one locality all year. They also are exceptional divers, plunging down to between 1, and 2, feet roughly and meters below the water surface and staying submerged for anywhere from several minutes to more than an hour.

Cetaceans, as far as is known, are subject to the familiar exteroceptive sensations. Protection came finally in Male elephant seals gain substantially more weight during these foraging trips than the females do, despite spending less time at sea feeding.

The most important mechanism in cetacean thermoregulation is the development of countercurrent blood exchange, an adaptation that allows the animal to either conserve or dissipate heat as needed. Once a male reached its destination, it stayed there to feed before heading back to the rookery.

For example, associations between pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins have been observed, as have associations between common dolphins and fin whales. Only in the last million years or so did they return to a diet mainly consisting of C3 trees and shrubs.

Top Places for Whale Watching in California

Communication does not necessarily imply language, and it can simply be one-way, as when one dolphin knows another is present because the second dolphin is vocalizing. Life History Pups are born about 1. Pacific coastal waters from the Gulf of Alaska and Aleutian Islands to Baja California Natural History Elephant seals, like all true seals phocidslack external ear flaps and crawl on land with rhythmic belly flops.

They look shaggy and unkempt as they lose sheets of fur and epidermis before growing new skin and silvery new fur. At least one-third of the tusk contains the pulp and some have nerves stretching to the tip. It is also the only mammal known to undertake two migratory journeys annually.

Quite an accomplishment for a teenage citizen scientist! Toothed whaleswhich range in length from about 1 metre for the finless porpoises Neophocoena phocaenoides and N. The camera does not always focus on the same area, but you can see changes in the kinds of animals on the beach and on their behavior, depending on the time of year.

Such heat shedding is particularly important to large whales because of their enormous surface area-to-volume ratio. In gulp feedingthe whale opens its mouth to take in a huge mouthful of water, closes its mouth, strains the water out through the baleen apparatus along the sides of the mouth, and swallows its prey.

As mammals, they reproduce by internal fertilization. The males are at sea for about four months in the spring, return to molt in mid-summer, then embark on another four-month foraging trip. Like all mammals, an elephant can raise or lower its temperature a few degrees from the average in response to extreme environmental conditions.While Santa Cruz gets thumbs-up for its hang-loose surf scene, oceanfront amusement park, flawless beach, and classic wooden pier, there’s another giant treasure lurking just beneath the surface.

Migratory whales, including grays, blues, and humpbacks, can all be spied off the coast here at different times of year, and dolphins, sea otters, and seals are observed year round. Dana Wharf Whale Watching began in and was the first whale watching company in Orange County.

We are the premier year-round whale watching facility in Southern California. If you want to Whale Watch, do it from Dana Point with Dana Wharf, the industry pioneers. The northern elephant seal is one of two species of elephant seal.

Northern elephant seal

It is a member of the family Phocidae. Elephant seals derive their name from their great size and from the male's large proboscis, which is used in making extraordinarily loud roaring noises, especially during the mating competition.

Sexual dimorphism in size is great.

Whale Watching

. The largest colonies of northern elephant seals are found off southern California in the Channel Islands. They have one of the longest migrations of any mammal, some have been recorded traveling over 13, miles roundtrip.

Northern elephant seals were once thought to be extinct due to commercial sealing in the s. Some elephant seals feed along the way while others don't.

Northern elephant seal

The details are still being investigated. Over the two migrations, northern elephant seals travel linear distances of at least ~21, km for males and ~18, km for females during (males)- (females) days at sea [31]. Animal behaviour can provide valuable information for wildlife management and conservation.

Studying the detailed behaviour of marine mammals involves challenges not faced by most animal behaviour researchers due to the size, mobility and lack of continuous visibility of these animals.

The migrations of northern elephant seals
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