Should baseball ban the dh

Ban the Designated Hitter to improve baseball

On March 6,two games utilized the new DPH rule for the very first Should baseball ban the dh. Eddie Murray and Paul Molitor were able to reach 3, hit plateau thanks to the DH rule, and as a result fans were able to watch them in action for years after they otherwise would have had to retire.

Occasionally National League teams opt to use the designated hitter, usually when a player is recovering from an injury. In fact, his Game 7 DH -- Pedro Feliz -- was a guy who had made it through the first six games without an at-bat.

That's one thing that hasn't changed in 30 years -- and never will. Unable to contact Carpenter, who was on a fishing trip, Giles was forced[ by whom? Implement the DH in both leagues The DH rule would be in effect for all professional games in every league at all levels -- with no exceptions.

It also allows them to give a healthy everyday player a partial day off, or to give an injured player the opportunity to bat without exposing him to re-injury while playing in the field.

There is more strategy involved with double switches, balance in the bullpen and the benches becoming more important, and that adds to the excitement of the game for players.

The one advantage that the American League teams do have is the ability to sign a guy or a grow a guy with the purpose of filling that designated hitter role. It's all they've ever known. Because Ortiz is a butcher defensively, he is almost exclusively used as DH; having him play games at first base down the stretch could cost Boston a potential playoff spot in a tight race.

But now the tying run is on deck. The save, on the other hand, has evolved to the insane point where it has become the only stat that determines how -- or even whether -- the player compiling it will be used that night. So it's back to being a save situation. The designated hitter is just another specialist in a game with too many as it is.

I like the two leagues and I like the differences. A point for every out, at any juncture in the last three innings, if the tying run is at the plate or on base when a pitcher enters and he keeps the lead. I spent most of my front-office career in the National League, and have always preferred the game played without the DH rule.

The rumors were that he grew weary of watching Eddie Plank and Charles Bender flail at pitches when at bat. That's the first thing they ought to know.

No other sport would tolerate a situation this farcical. Cincinnati Reds first baseman Dan Driessen became the first National League player to act as a DH in any capacity regular season or postseason when he was listed as the DH in the first game he was the DH in all four Series games that year.

Next, Andrew Miller marched in to get the last three outs. They are, after all, the ones that are impacted directly. Beginning inthe DH rule was used in games played in the stadium of the American League representative.

During the season Paul Molitor became the first player to win the World Series Most Valuable Player award while playing of games Get started today by signing-up and submitting an article HERE: How 'bout that crazy talk? The only reason to have a DH rule is that fans allegedly like more offense.

Now that MLB has an interleague game on its schedule every day of the season, and more are teams involved in pennant races thanks to the second wild-card playoff spot, losing out on a postseason berth because of a couple of interleague losses, possibly because of being forced to play under unfamiliar rules, seems absurd -- but it's a real possibility.Watch video · Baseball will never be able to eradicate the designated hitter rule, Jim Bowden writes.

So the National League should adopt the DH and level the playing field. May 05,  · With marking both the 40th anniversary of the baseball's designated hitter rule and an interleague game every day, it's time to get rid of the DH.

Jayson Stark: It's 30 years down the DH highway, and this rule makes even less sense now than it did in -- if that's possible. Here are five reasons baseball should abolish this abomination now. Should Baseball Ban the DH? The designated hitter rule has positively influenced Major League Baseball since the American League adopted it in /4(1).

Since it was adopted by the American League back inthe designated hitter has been a polarizing topic for baseball fans. The rule allows a bench player to hit in lieu of the pitcher —and they don't have to take the field.

Critics say the DH is an abomination and strips the game of much of its strategy. After all, everyone under 40 (like myself) has grown up with the DH. It's the only form of Yankee baseball we know.

But I have watched my share of NL contests and often find them more enjoyable.

Should baseball ban the dh
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