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A recent hot debate being discussed includes racial profiling. In addition to discussing the security there is also a question of the establishment of racial and religious profiling in airports, of which Muslim travelers often become victims. Having gathered enough information, it will be possible to make successful analysis and draw wise conclusions.

Police have used profiling to target the characteristics of certain individuals as more likely to commit certain types of crimes, often observed by police officers. These statistics are in spite of the fact that in a higher percentage of white drivers were licensed in the United States Racial Profiling is a very sensitive topic every individual can relate to.

Blacks were also three times more likely than whites to be searched during traffic stops Kerby, Very often when a person of the racial minority commits a crime, she is not judged according to the law. In AprilArizona enacted SBwhich made it a misdemeanor crime for a a nonresident of the United States to be in Arizona without carrying required documents.

Racial profiling research papers example, it would be absurd for an officer to be looking for a young male that is tall, wearing a red shirt, black baseball cap, and jeans, who has brown eyes, and a goatee, without mentioning whether he is white or black, Asian or Hispanic.

The Problem of Racial Profiling In America Research paper

An increasing number of reported instances in which law enforcement personnel have been accused of targeting certain minority groups has cast a spotlight on racial profiling, as well as increased tensions and debate over the legitimacy of the practice for various reasons Institute on Race and Justice, The results were significant for several reasons.

The officer refused, Gates berated him for racial profiling, and Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct. The practice of racial profiling Racial profiling research papers law enforcement agencies was begun during the late s, as police officers worked to capture drug traffickers.

Many people equate the war on drugs as beginning the controversy regarding racial profiling. Theories Michael Boylan wrote in a special issue focusing on racial profiling in The Journal of Ethics.

In the inner-cities the amount of stop and frisk are majority Blacks and Hispanics. In the mids, there were more African Americans in prison than any other race. Are you looking for a top-notch custom research paper about Racial Profiling in Airports?

Slavery has a correlation with the prison institution. Topics for research papers You might also like. Rather, they are different ethnicities of the human race.

What is racial profiling? Although, people are considered to be equal no matter what their race, color of skin, religious views are, the problem of racism is extremely urgent nowadays. Blacks were also three times more likely than whites to be searched during traffic stops Kerby, They argue that the evidence that shows that racial profiling as a successful tool in the law enforcement arsenal is skewed, and that those targeted are actually less likely to perform illegal acts than others who are not targeted, because those who are not are less likely to get caught, while those who are targeted are much more likely to be caught in an illegal act, so they will perform less illegal activity.

Due to racial profiling we regard terrorists as any type of brown male. It makes me wonder how the mass incarceration of black males in society is so extreme, because of the poor communities many lived in. The problem does not touch upon only Afro-Americans but also whit people who live in South Africa and Muslim parts of France.

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Racial Profiling Research Paper Starter

As of60 percent of all imprisoned men were African American, and 1 in every 15 African American men was in prison versus 1 in every white men. Law enforcement officers have long used profiling to help them gain understanding about the likely characteristics of the perpetrator of a crime, including but not limited to age, sex, race, and observed behaviors Institute on Race and Justice, It consists of a constant feeling of being under suspicion, under surveillance and posing a danger to others.

Racial profiling and background injustice. During the years of slavery, blacks were not allowed to leave their plantations without passes, and they could be questioned or detained by any white individual without any reason for suspicion.

Racial profiling was first termed during the war on drugs in the s and s, when police officers were accused of pulling over motorists based on race and then searching their vehicles for illegal substances.

For example, I would Racial profiling research papers how there is more labor jobs given to Blacks in jail than Blacks who live in poor communities. The prison institution has become the new slave trade. Poverty is the state of being poor, not having certain necessities to survive in America such as food, shelter, and security.

However, there are incidents of racial profiling in other situations and instances throughout American history. On July 16,Gates returned to his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, found his front door jammed and pried it open.

Stopped, searched, andstripped of constitutional protection. When a student is asked to prepare a research paper on the topic, starts thinking how to organize the paper correctly, become every research is different and requires its own structure, kind of data and the way of analysis.Research states that incarceration rates between and extended about “ to prisoners perpeople” (Khalek, ).

Up untilthe public judged racial profiling. President Bill Clinton addressed racial profiling “morally indefensible and deeply corrosive.” (Alschuler, ).

Useful research paper sample about Racial Profiling. Free example research project on Racial Profiling topic. Online research proposal on Racial Profiling. Research Paper on Racial Profiling in Airports August 6, UsefulResearchPapers Research Papers 0 The attempted attack on the flight Amsterdam – Detroit revives debate over airport security.

Racial profiling has resulted in lawsuits against the police and companies that have indulged in it. Creating criminal profiles can lead to racial profiling. Racial profiling includes not only ethnicity, but country of origin, religion and other factors that can affect a person’s perception.

Racial Profiling Term Paper Words | 7 Pages. Racial profiling is a popular method used by law officers in order to hypothetically enhance crime prevention by targeting minorities, because they are more likely to commit a crime.

Thus, we look at opposite viewpoints of two scholars: Scott Johnson, a conservative journalist and an attorney, who supports racial profiling, and David A.

Harris, a law professor and a leading authority on racial profiling, who argues against racial profiling.

Racial profiling research papers
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