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Churn-proof Wireless Caching with D2D Communication

Namely, we will describe rings R such that every R-module M is simple-extending semisimple-extending. The fundamental limits of transmission in these problems then relate to covering properties of certain classes of matrix codes.

This implies that over a large field extension degree a randomly chosen generator matrix generates an MRD and a non-Gabidulin code with high probability.

In the second part of this talk, we will briefly discuss the rank-metric covering problem and describe some bounds on the covering radius of an arbitrary rank-metric code.

In this talk I will present how polymatroids and codes are closely related via entropy and how polymatroid theory can be used in order to analyze many interesting properties of codes.

Lattice Codes for Physical Layer Communications

Combinatorial coding theory via polymatroids — M3 M Matroid theory can be used to analyze many interesting properties of linear codes over finite fields.

A secret sharing scheme is a random encoding of a secret into a set of shares. The aim of the talk is to present some recent results concerning simple-extending and semisimple-extending modules. Certain special types of functions over finite fields are closely related to linear or nonlinear codes.

Both theoretical calculations and simulation results indicate Camilla hollanti thesis the use of erasure coding has the potential to drastically decrease the energy consumption when appropriate coding methods are used.

The notion of bent function has been extended in arbitrary characteristic. This talk will first introduce visible-light communications and present some application scenarios. At the end, we will mention several problems that arise in distributed systems when the stored data is large, changing, and expanding.

Someone help discuss gender roles in jane eyre for essay help? Kazim Buyukboduk Koc University, Istanbul: At Camilla hollanti thesis heart of the english Camilla hollanti thesis This talk will show how graph theory and algebraic geometry have been instrumental in proving the two-source case and gaining some further insights.

Optimal Transmission Rates in Broadcast with Side Information and the Rank-Metric Covering Radius — M2 M In the first part of this talk, we introduce the broadcast with side-information is a problem, which arises is a number of network coding contexts, including index coding and coded-caching.

Finally, we will introduce a new invariant, called the set of generalized weights, and see how it can characterize different type of codes This thesis consists of several articles considering lattice code design for four different communication settings relevant in modern wireless communications.

These results are available on the arXiv at https: From a mathematical point of view, classical tools used in this context are projective spaces over finite fields.

Such problems involve efficient delivery of big data files to many users, each of whom already has some data stored locally in its cache via some form of placement, either randomly or by design.

We will apply these results to maximum rank distance MRD codes. Some constructions of non-Gabidulin MRD codes are known, but many of the derived codes are not linear over the underlying field but only linear over some subfield of it.

Special erasure codes have been designed and adopted in practice as a more storage-efficient way to provide reliability. How proofs are prepared at Camelot — M2 M We study a design framework for robust, independently verifiable, and workload-balanced distributed algorithms working on a common input.

Quaternion Algebras, Arithmetic, and Applications. It is thus natural that an underlying lattice structure for code design remains crucial. Finally, we also give a brief overview of some results, joint with L.

We see that any deterministic protocol can not perform much better in terms of bits communicated between the users. Special erasure codes have been designed and adopted in practice as a more storage-efficient way to provide reliability.

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In particular, we are interested in an invariant of certain orders in the considered algebra, called discriminant. We introduce a new problem termed function computation on the reconciled data, where the users seek to compute a function on the union of their collections.

Our main technical tool for derandomization is an explicit family of correlation amplifiers built via a family of zigzag-product expanders in Reingold, Vadhan, and Wigderson [Ann. We study several alternatives to the DLP based on different semigroups and evaluate their security.

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Emina Soljanin Rutgers University: The question, if there are other general constructions of MRD codes that are not equivalent to Gabidulin codes, has been of large interest recently. Linear codes from bent functions over finite fields — M2 M Error correcting codes are widely studied by researchers and employed by engineers.Advisor: Camilla Hollanti.

Applied Mathematics

Mikael Simberg: Linear-time encoding and decoding of LDPC codes (NOTE the unusual day and time!) (further info) – M Master's thesis presentation. Advisors: Petteri Kaski and Camilla Hollanti. [Publication 2]: Joonas Pääkkönen, Camilla Hollanti, Olav Tirkkonen.

Device-to-Device Data Storage with Regenerating Codes. In Proc. 8th International Workshop on Multiple Access Communications (MACOM), Espoo, Finland, pp.

57–69, Sept. 4.R. Tajeddine, O. Gnilke, D. Karpuk, C. Hollanti and S. El Rouayheb, \Private Information Retrieval Schemes for Coded Data with Arbitrary Collusion Patterns", IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), Camilla J. Hollanti, Order-theoretic methods for space-time coding: Symmetric and asymmetric designs, PhD Thesis, Turku Centre for Computer Science, Camilla Hollanti, Jyrki Lahtonen, Kalle Ranto, and Roope Vehkalahti, Optimal matrix lattices for MIMO codes from division algebras, in IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory.

CURRICULUM VITAE Personal information Name: Aasa Feragen Nationality: Norwegian (in collaboration with Camilla Hollanti from the University of Turku) A. Feragen, Topological stability through tame retractions, PhD thesis, A. Feragen, Characterization of equivariant ANEs, Licentiate thesis.

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Lie Groups and Applications to Shape Analysis School of Science Thesis submitted for examination for the degree of Master of Science in ecThnology. Espoo Thesis supervisor: Prof. Camilla Hollanti Thesis advisor: Ph.D David Karpuk.

aalto-yliopisto perustieteiden korkeakoulu.

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